Jumat, 23 Mei 2014

If you are moving to a new employer where you have different email environment, or you are switching to a different email platform or your employer has decided to change email client - whatever be the reason email migration software is the solution. MS Outlook stores most of its email items like messages, contacts, tasks, journals etc in PST file format. PST stands for Personal Storage File. If you think of MS Outlook to Lotus Notes migration then converting Outlook pst files to Notes nsf files becomes imperative.

SysTools Outlook to Notes A powerful tool that easily helps to convert PST to NSF and is not harsh on pocket also will be the choice of most of the users. One such name is SysTools Outlook to Notes Software. SysTools, the name, is in itself enough to mark the software's credibility because it is a well-liked and trusted name in data conversion and data recovery software products. SysTools is recognized for developing world class data recovery and data conversion software. It will always be your data doctor in times of data loss or data conversion issues.

Know how it Works Knowing about how the software works is not something that will take your peace away. The pst to nsf conversion process using SysTools software is very simple. Also, SysTools has even dedicated a website (www.psttonsf.co.uk) to this software where you can read everything about the software including the process. The page -How it Works- explains the whole process along with the screenshots to make understanding more lucid for the readers. Comprehending this software is like child's play and in no time you will understand and convert .pst files to .nsf files. Though you would not require any support while using the software but still if it happens that you have any query, there is a support team of SysTools which is always active for your help.

The website tells you exactly how the software works. So, you get to know how the software works before you get the actual know-how of it.

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