Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014

One of the major challenges that recruiters still encounter these days is to extract resumes and transfer them to the resume database. With the job market looking bright and shiny, it is very important for recruiters to latch on to their opportunities. But, the unfortunate fact is that manual resume extraction is tiresome and time consuming. Manual resume extraction prevents the recruiters from making the most of their opportunities.

Today, resumes are found everywhere. In addition to the resumes that recruiters receive via emails, there is a flurry of resumes found all over the Internet. Resumes are now available in search engine results, job boards, free resume sites, social/professional networking sites, blogs, personal websites, alumni associations, publications, etc. The challenge now is how to extract resumes and candidate contact information from the above-mentioned sources to the resume database?

Manually visiting all the resume sources, extracting the resumes and copy-pasting the candidate information into the database is a strenuous task for recruiters. It eats up most of their productive hours and it leaves very little time or no time to contact the prospective clients or candidates. In addition, manual resume data entry is prone for typos which can prove very costly. Employing additional resources only increases the overheads but does not provide a complete solution. This is where technology comes to the rescue of the recruiters.

Resume parsing technology enables recruiters to quickly extract resumes from almost any source. It eliminates the pain of manually copy-pasting the resume data into the database. Resume parsing software intelligently extracts resume data and transfers resumes and candidate contact information from almost any source into the resume database. The captured resumes and contact info are then automatically transferred to respective fields in your database.

The resume parsing software effortlessly extracts resumes from search engine results, outlook emails, PC folders, clipboard, social networking sites, blogs, Internet communities, etc. and transfers to the most popular resume databases / ATS. The resume parsing software enables recruiters to quickly extract resumes and build a database of qualified resumes.

ResumeGrabber Suite is one such resume parsing software with built-in resume parsing technology. It is a powerful tool that enables recruiters to quickly extract resumes from almost any source. ResumeGrabber Suite supports the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, AlltheWeb, Google Desktop; transfers resumes to ACT!, GoldMine, Big Biller, PC Recruiter, Zoho Recruit, MS Outlook, MS Excel, HR XML, CSV, etc.

ResumeGrabber Suite helps recruiters to quickly extract resumes and improve productivity by 80%

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